Sunday, June 26, 2011

Liz Sappenfield is going to help Karine, Dennis and I go through the process of obtaining a historic certificate of appropriateness. Liz and I are meeting at the house next week to discuss the plans. We removed the vagrant bedding, beer bottles, broken glass and "inappropriate" magazines from the home on Saturday.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A while back, I wanted to purchase this property. After executing a purchase contract, I had the property surveyed only to find that the railroad's right of way cuts right through the kitchen addition. I spoke with the railroad's right of way person and then to our real estate attorney. Our attorney explained that with this particular title exception, it would be difficult for a home buyer, using conventional financing, to purchase the home. So, we terminated the contract.
I took Winston by 701 Holloway earlier today. I told him this might be one of our next projects and asked him what he thought. He took a look at the house and then looked at the railroad tracks next to them. He said that whoever moved in would be lucky because they could very easily hop on a train from this location and ride it all the way to California. I am not entirely sure if this a good thing or not. The little ones have come up with great names so far, the broken house, the house with two potties and the dirty house. That is how the blog for 701 Holloway was named.